Our Squad


Resha Roshana, S.H.

Resha is your one-stop advisor for your business issues, specializing at business law, contract law, construction law, and compliance. She is keen at drafting and negotiating. As a Lawyer, she is experienced in drafting various contracts, assisting clients in fulfilling their compliance needs in accordance with their business sectors.


Dino Panji, S.H.

Dino is a Lawyer and has a Peradi license, a Bachelor Degree from the Padjadjaran Faculty of Law, specializing in Agreement transactions and Compliance in the Field of Construction Services, Telecommunications Infrastructure and Electricity. Has a license as a Junior Business Entity Assessor for the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources.

Senior Associate

Nadita Arfiandi, S.H.

Nadita is a Notary, a Bachelor graduate from the Faculty of Law, Trisakti University and Master of Notary at the University of Indonesia. She has a specialty in the field of notary, especially asset transactions in the form of land and buildings.

Senior Associate

Rizqia Putra, S.H.

Rizqia is a Lawyer/Advocate who is experienced in the fields of Merger & Acquisition, Investment, Construction, and Intellectual Property. Furthermore, Rizqia has assisted clients in hotel acquisition transactions in Indonesia and Malaysia by hotel management companies from Japan, cooperation in the use of Quantity Assurance methods by several state-owned oil and gas sector companies, representing the United States in the pangasius fish dumping dispute between the US vs Vietnam.

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